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Vala's Enchanted
Natural scents inspired by nature and mythology

About the scents

Art, magic, nature and transformation.

Bottles and jars are my canvases and plant essences are my colors and together they help me tell stories in memories and emotions.


I create scents to make concepts, deities, gods and human personalities manifest. I make magic happen sometimes too, as pure plant essences, intentions and deep interpersonal connections during the creative process can be profoundly transformative for everyone involved.


Does it sound vague yet very complex? That’s because it is. But that is the beauty of it.


My creations have all been born in my hands and warmed by my skin. And before that, they were a part of nature.


"Welcome to the Olfactory Otherworld, where art meets magic and nature."

Let's talk

Do you have any questions or would like to have a custom scent crafted just for you? Send me a message! 

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