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Aside from the standard collections, we offer the opportunity to have a personal bespoke perfume created that is tailored only to you.

For international customers, we are now offering a long distance, custom perfume service via our shop.

If you wish to visit the workshop in person, the following applies:

These scents are created during in-person consultations in our studio in the heart of Prague.


The consultation takes approximately 2 hours, during which the personal perfume is also blended, tried on and finished. Further modifications at a later date to the recipe are of course possible, if necessary. you perfume recipe will afterwards be always available for you to refill when needed!


At our studio, you can have a completely custom, unique personal blend made with any (and all) of our over 250 essences, which range from local, to truly luxurious and exotic. To name just a few, we offer white sandalwood, oud (agarwood), four jasmine varieties, white and blue lotus flower, blue waterlily, tobacco, beeswax absolute, palo santo, 3 varieties of frankincense, carnations, spartium, cestrum, and hundreds more form around the world and we are expanding our collection each month.


To book your own appointment, send us an email or message us via facebook!



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