Apis, the honey bee, is the life giver, carrying on its gentle wings the responsibility to pollinate, fertilize and give fruit to plants and trees and by extension give life to animals and us. The scent inspired by the fascinating society of honeybees is sweet, honey like with note of beeswax, syrupy scent of honey myrtle and a touch of honey floral in the Spartium flower. Overall the scent is comforting, warm and sweet and reminiscent of late August blooms, full honeycombs and a dash of a warm breeze from a bees wings.

This collection of conceptual scents is designed to let each ingredient shine in a simple but beautiful combination with others, while reminding of Ancient Greek Mythology and its revival during the Renaissance period.


*Sample - alcohol base, unless requested otherwise

*Spray - alcohol base

*roll-on - oil base

*drop pump - oil base


These perfumes are made exclusively with natural ingredients of the highest quality - pure and rare essential oils, absolutes and hand-extracted tinctures and infusions created by me in my workshop.


Apis • Beeswax, Honey Myrtle, Spartium

PriceFrom Kč90.00