Ceremonial Witch is a candle and scent inspired by witches, whos magic revolves around elaborate rituals, ceremonies and who are inspired by occult masters of old. The scent is heavy and resinous, with notes of burning incense, amber, frankincense, saffron and smoky notes of styrax, birch bark, and angelica. It is inspired by tradition, stucture and ritual and is a prefect tool for activities of this nature.

This pure essential oil blend is to be used for your diffuser or aromalamp and it is a perfect companion for creating a sacred space during rituals, for esoteric study or yoga practice

Comes in a glass bottle with a dropper to ease use.

This listing is for a 100% concentrated essential oil blend.


Ceremonial witch - Consecration ritual oil for practice, study

PriceFrom Kč350.00