This is a unique blend of handmade tinctures by yours truly and pure essential oils, blessed and consecrated for ritual use. 

It is best used as a part of a ritual, to anoint the body, candles or as ritual ink, for which purpose a calligraphy brush is included with every bottle. 


Cornucopia is a tincture consecrated under Jupiter and blessed by Solar energies, to aid in rituals aiming at brining prosperity, abundance, enhancing finance or business, but also to add joy and enjoyment to life, strengthen family bonds.


Cornucopia includes tinctures of Saffron, Mace, Juniper berries, and among others essential oils of Thyme, Dianthus, Magnolia and Angelica. 

Since it includes Saffron and Mace, it may stain not only parchment but also clothes and other surfaces, though probably not permanently.


It is not meant to be used internally!



Cornucopia • Benefic Tincture of Jupiter for Prosperity and Joy

PriceFrom Kč300.00