Do you wish to have a personalized scent created just for you based on your needs and wishes? Look no further!

This listing is for a basic custom blend of 5-10 all natural ingredients (essential oils, absolutes and extracts) based on our agreement or your list of essential oils you wish to incorporate.

♦♦♦This basic bespoke blend is perfect if you wish a scent which:
• Should emphasize your favorite flower / plant or scent
• Has a spiritual or therapeutic purpose (protection, luck, love, cleansing, anointing etc., calming, sleeping, invigorating)
• Should evoke a specific feeling (based on your description)
• Customization or adjustment of an existing scent to your needs and liking

The creation of this blend includes formulating a recipe based on our conversation, and the base price includes a 2ml sample of the finished formula.
If you wish to have more options to choose from, it is possible to create up to 3 more variations of the formula (different ratios of the agreed list of ingredients) for 5EUR/extra sample.

The processing