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Eclectic Witch is a candle and scent inspired by witches, who mix and match their practice to their comfort and benefit. Borrowing methods and practices from different traditions to maximize their power and create a practice truly tailored to them.

The scents main note is sweet lavender, combined from three different varieties of lavender, mixed with the sweet scent of florals with tones of lily, spartium and a dash of spicy cardamom.

Due to it's main lavender note it is perfect for calming, meditation but also as a gentle oil to help you sleep.
This essential oil aromatherapy blend is to be used for your diffuser or aromalamp (or scenting of pillows).

Comes in a glass bottle with a dropper to ease use.

This listing is for a 100% concentrated essential oil blend.


Eclectic Witch • Sweet lavender scent • Sleep • Meditation •

PriceFrom Kč350.00
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