Eros is a blend of essential oils with aphrodisiac properties designed to not only smell great, but set the mood for lovemaking and romance.

This sensual mix of warm, inviting vanilla and sandalwood, intermingled with musky patchouli, romantic rose and jasmine and topped with the spicy and passionate cinnamon and fresh bergamot and neroli, creates a calming, yet uplifting erotic atmosphere.

This pure essential oil aromatherapy blend is to be used for your diffuser or aromalamp (or scenting of pillows) and is the ideal natural way to help you enjoy love and intimacy with the person you love.

♠ This however is not a cure for medical conditions and is not a substitute for a healthy lifestyle. Please take care of yourself! :) ♠

Comes in a glass bottle with a dropper to ease use.

This listing is for a 100% concentrated essential oil blend.


Eros • Sensual, erotic aromatherapy blend igniting passion and love

PriceFrom Kč350.00