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Freya • A fresh feminine floral scent, jasmine, lotus, incense and resin
  • Freya • A fresh feminine floral scent, jasmine, lotus, incense and resin

    The new Freya features luxurious notes of white lotus flower, pink lotus flower and rose centifolia, Would truly captures the beauty and the mystique of this Norse warrior goddess of love, beauty and magic.

    Freya has long been one of the staples of our collection and remains one of the most popular scents today. Yet every time I try to describe her, either in person or in writing it is very hard, as her scent as the goddess herself can be very ungraspable in words. If I had to I would compare it to the pheromones of a beautiful woman - she smells intoxicating, but you can never pinpoint what it is you smell. Freya, the perfume, is full of delicate flowers and mystical myrrh and very light-hearted woody resins which combine to create a true potion, an aura of sensuality, youth and subtle, yet quite barbarian elegance (she is a goddess who rides with a boar, after all).

    Freya is a gentle feminine fragrance which allows delicate floral notes of jasmine and lotus to mix with heavier undertones of myrrh and the uplifting elemi creating a balanced fragrance, which is sensual yet elegant, just like the goddess it represents.

    Goddess Freya is the archetype of the witch-Völva, shieldmaiden and seductress. As such, she has many faces, like every woman and she is also a proof that beauty, inner strength and intellect are not incompatible, but rather a part of each of us. This is a very delicate floral scent with an calm woody and resin base.


    *Sample - alcohol base, unless requested otherwise

    *Spray - alcohol base

    *roll-on - oil base

    *drop pump - oil base


    These perfumes are made exclusively with natural ingredients of the highest quality - pure and rare essential oils, absolutes and hand-extracted tinctures and infusions created by me in my workshop.


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