Fylgja is an animalistic musky scent with hints of spices and combines notes of labdanum, saffron, tonka beans and beeswax with sweet vanilla and a heart of turmeric, styrax, and ylang ylang.

Please note, that Fylgja is not entirely vegan due to use of natural beeswax absolute.


Fylgja means follower and is the (often but not always) animal companion of the individual, which shares a part of their soul (Hyge and Minni most often). As such it has a degree of its own will power and agency and can act somewhat autonomously (for instance appearing in other people's dreams, walking in from of the individual to scout the way or guarding them) . The character and appearance of the fylgja is closely tied to that of their owner / mate. Fylgja can also play an important role in astral travel or travel between the Nine worlds, serving as vessel for the Hamr, or is the form the Hamr takes while travelling.


*Sample - alcohol base, unless requested otherwise

*Spray - alcohol base

*roll-on - oil base

*drop pump - oil base


These perfumes are made exclusively with natural ingredients of the highest quality - pure and rare essential oils, absolutes and hand-extracted tinctures and infusions created by me in my workshop.


Fylgja - Natural Ritual Perfume - Musky sweet perfume with spicy notes •

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