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Hypnos • a dreamy floral bouquet of blooming flowers, sensual, hypnotic
  • Hypnos • a dreamy floral bouquet of blooming flowers, sensual, hypnotic

    ♦ Hypnos - a heavy, sensual, rich floral bouquet of blooming flowers and fragrant leaves with a warm, dark earthy base.


    ♣ Hypnos, a dream personified. 

    You fall down to your bed, your muscles tired and your mind wandering. And as the soft and warm blankets hug your body and you close your eyes, your consciousness shoots out like a star. You become a wanderer through worlds that are so familiar yet you know you have never seen them before. The colors are just a bit brighter than you are used to and all sensations are just a touch more intense. It may be unsettling at first, but soon you get used to it and learn to marvel at a world that is saturated and just beyond the point of possibility. 

    You smell roses somewhere just outside of view. But at first, it is the white flowers, two distinct types of gardenia and jasmine that tickle your nose and almost blind your eyes. And as you adjust, their lily whiteness morphs and yellows, and they transform, first to pale honeysuckle then to golden ylang-ylang, and finally to glorious narcissus. You wonder for a while if he was so taken with himself as you are with this spectacle of scent and for a heartbeat, you wish you never had to wake up as the soft scent of linden blossoms and warm inviting vines of patchouli wrap around your feet and root you to the ground. The earth is warm and full of vetiver roots. The blossoms are gone and you are somewhere else. It is dark and it feels like a wooden box filled with incense. You smell sandalwood, amyris, and myrrh and you feel warmer still.  Would you stay? 

    You wake up. It was merely a dream.

    Hypnos is a nod to the world of dreams, where anything and everything can happen. Where you can fly with butterflies and sleep under a blanket of rose petals. Where you just soar on the buzzing of honeybees. 
    This perfume is a pure floral symphony.
    Hypnos is a soft yet rich floral perfume, a hypnotic bouquet of jasmine, roses, narcissus and gardenias creating an embracing feeling of a warm bed of patchouli, cedar, vetiver and sandal, and the sweetest dreams.

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