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Kyphi - Natural 100% undiluted essential oil blend
  • Kyphi - Natural 100% undiluted essential oil blend

    Kyphi is the greek version of the Egyptian word kp-t (kapet), most probably meaning incense, temple incense or offering. Many of these incense recipes have been documented by Greek historians to various degrees of accuracy over the past millennia. This recipe is a modern day reconstruction of some of them, namely a recipe from temples of Ra and a recipe dedicated to the Egyptian goddess of healing and perfume Nefertem, to whom I have dedicated this blend.

    This particular Kyphi incense blend consists originally of eight wet ingredients (including dates, raisins, wine, honey, lotus and waterlily oils) and fourteen dry ingredients (including frankincense, myrrh, mastix, saffron, sandalwood, dragon’s blood and storax).

    The original dry kyphi meant for offerings and burning at altars has been adapted to liquid form using the same ingredients (except dates, raisins and wine), to create a fragrant all natural essential oil blend for aromatherapy use, burning in aroma lamps or diffusers to the same effect.

    Comes in a glass bottle with a dropper to ease use.

    This listing is for a 100% concentrated essential oil blend.


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