A Shrine is a place for rest, reflection, safety and protection. Like wrapping yourself in a warm blanket with the scent of warm pastries around you, or lighting sweet exotic incense at your personal altar, Shrine will create a feeling of safe space, wherever you are - combining warm, sweet comforting notes of Euphorbia, floral sweetness of Agaila flowers and a powdery softness of Tonka bean.

This collection of conceptual scents is designed to let each ingredient shine in a simple but beautiful combination with others, while reminding of Ancient Greek Mythology and its revival during the Renaissance period.


*Sample - alcohol base, unless requested otherwise

*Spray - alcohol base

*roll-on - oil base

*drop pump - oil base


These perfumes are made exclusively with natural ingredients of the highest quality - pure and rare essential oils, absolutes and hand-extracted tinctures and infusions created by me in my workshop.


Shrine • Euphorbia, Aglaia, Tonka bean

PriceFrom Kč90.00