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The Triarchy Collection Sample Set • Huntress, Matriach, Hag
  • The Triarchy Collection Sample Set • Huntress, Matriach, Hag

    This is a sample set featuring 3x 2ml sample of each perfume in the collection. 


    The Triarchy collection is a reimagining of the classical Tripple Goddess archetype. It is a little collection of perfumes centered around feminine energy (but a more inclusive reclamation of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone). Everyone has a little yin-yang inside them and these are my interpretations of the archetypes of feminity we can embody at different stages of our lives, throughout the year, the cycle or even during a single day.


    The Huntress: 
    Main notes: jasmine, violets, osmanthus, lemon verbena, aloisia, galbanum, patchouli, amber.


    The Huntress is the feminine archetype re-imagined.

    It's a burst of spring sunshine captured in a bottle, a symphony of fresh flowers that invigorates your senses and sets your heart racing. It's the scent of possibility, the kind that makes you want to skip down the path with a spring in your step, every step taking you closer to your dreams.


    The Huntress isn't afraid to go at it alone; she revels in the quiet solitude of nature, the sound of the wind whispering through the trees her only companion. But she's also a team player, someone who knows the strength that comes from shared purpose and collaboration.


    Deep down, she's a wild spirit, a woman who thrives on challenges and embraces every adventure life throws her way. The Huntress is more than a scent; she's a state of being, a full-bodied embodiment of confidence and vitality.

    The Matriarch:
    Main notes: blackcurrant, honey, saffron, vanilla, sandal, white flowers, iris, angelica


    The Matriarch isn't just a title, it's a scent woven from the threads of love and leadership.Imagine the warmth of a hearth fire, crackling and casting a golden glow on those gathered around it. The Matriarch embodies that feeling, a comforting embrace that says "you are safe here."


    She understands the importance of self-care, knowing that nurturing oneself is the foundation from which all else flows. Like a wise woman putting her needs and survival first, she prioritizes her well-being so she can better care for those she loves.


    The Matriarch's scent is a fragrant invitation, a promise of shared bounty and a haven of love. It's the aroma of freshly baked sweet pastries, mingled with hints of ripe fruit and comforting flowers and herbs – a sensory tapestry woven with the warmth of family and the strength of a leader.

    The Hag: 

    Main notes: cedar, frankincense, elder flower, yarrow, chamomile, vetiver, styrax, oud, copaiba, tobacco


    The Hag isn't one for idle chatter. Silence, for her, is a canvas upon which the rich tapestry of experience is painted. Decades of stories whisper in the quiet, each wrinkle a testament to a lesson learned.


    But this isn't a silence born of emptiness; it's one brimming with potent wisdom, waiting for the opportune moment to be shared. The Hag knows the value of silence as much as the power of a well-timed word.


    She's long since shed the burden of chasing futures or pleasing others. Her focus is sharp, honed to the present moment – the only time where true power resides.

    Like the roots of an ancient tree, she's grounded, unshakeable, and centered. Her fragrance reflects this potent stillness. Earthy notes whisper of deep connection to the soil, hints of incense curling like smoke carrying whispers of forgotten lore. It's a scent that demands respect, a potent blend that speaks of mysteries unveiled and a life fully lived.

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