Valhalla - notes of honey, mead, beeswax, a bit of almond, very sweet, dries down to incense, amber and resinValhalla, the Hall of the Slain is the place there half of the strongest, most fierce and brave warriors who have fallen in battle go, to feast, drink mead and beer, fight each other and wait for the beginning of Ragnarok to arrive. Valhalla is the hall of Odin and these fallen warriors, the Einherjer are his army.The scent, Valhalla, symbolizes the day to day cycle of the afterlife in this great hall, reminiscent of the sweet taste and scent of honey, mead, fire and incense with subtle undertones of musk.


*Sample - alcohol base, unless requested otherwise

*Spray - alcohol base

*roll-on - oil base

*drop pump - oil base


These perfumes are made exclusively with natural ingredients of the highest quality - pure and rare essential oils, absolutes and hand-extracted tinctures and infusions created by me in my workshop.


Valhalla - Natural Perfume - Notes of honey, mead, beeswax, incense

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