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Venelestis • Soft powdery floral with sweet, incense base for cozy witchy time
  • Venelestis • Soft powdery floral with sweet, incense base for cozy witchy time

    As many of you know, I have been working on illustrating and creating a botanical oracle deck for some time now! It will be published under the Venelestis name and its purpose is to help us get to know herbs and mushrooms on a more intimate level. The cards will work both as a divination tool, as well as a witchy herbal, correspondence cards for altars and spells and as a tool to be able to recognize plants in the wild. 


    I have created the Venelestis scent to bring my two worlds closer: the world of ritual scents, aromatherapy, plant extracts and olfactory magic with this more visual and tangible world of herbs, art and divination. 
    The Venelestis scent will serve as a a ritual scent for the work with the cards, as well as a soft, warming aura to connect you closer to the spirits of plant guides - some oof which are featured in the upcoming oracle deck, others may feature in future iterations. 


    By purchasing this scent, you will not only receive a soft, powdery, long lasting scent featuring many precious oils, you will also be supporting the financing for the first printing of the deck that can be pre-ordered here.  


    The Venelestis scent features the following delicious oils: orange jasmine, jasmine sambac, jasmine grandiflorum, green tea, saffron, chamomile, yarrow, rose with a soft powdery and long-lasting base of frankincense, dragon's blood, vanilla CO2 extract, beeswax absolute, iris root, and tonka. 

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