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The scent of the planetary Spirit of Saturn. Zazel is a cold, bitter and spicy scent featuring a prominent note of black cumin, combined with fennel, dill cedar and violets.


The sphere of Saturn, also known as the Greater Malefic, rules safety, power, success, intellect, authority and self-discipline but also boundaries, restriction, separation, malediction, death, black magic and curses.


Some Saturn associations include: 
Day: Saturday
Color: Black
Deities: Cassiel, Hödr, Hel, Skadi Seth, Sebek
Stones: Onyx
Metal: Lead
Animals: Crocodile, mole, cuttlefish
Sphere: banishing, protection and curses, expanding boundaries, gaining power, organization, discipline, self development


This perfume is perfect for application during rituals or as everyday wear to empower its spheres influence during the day. 


The renaissance and its occult science and overall view of the world is very much centered around the seven classical planets, aka the seven major celestial bodies that could be historically seen by the naked eye – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. All areas of life and nature were seen to be influenced and ruled by these planets. The origin of these spheres  though goes much deeper, back to the ancient Roman pantheon, which assigned names and correspondences to each planet based on their deities. But the Romans took the inspiration to assign meaning to the planets from even further back – the ancient Babylonians. The planetary magick as we know it from the many historical grimoires is in it self influenced by the Greek magical papyri, which were written in Graeco-Roman Egypt between 100BC to 400AD. So the tradition and mythology has long history and deep roots in ancient Europe and Mediterranean

Zazel, the Spirit of Saturn • Cypress, violets, cedar, fennel •

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