I’ve had this blog prepared for a while now and I guess it is time now.

Spring is here!

I get so excited about it, I know I have mentioned it every time I got. Fact is, spring inspires me. It is my most favorite time of the year, everything is green, the weather is beautiful and warm and so relieving after the cold winds of winter, yet it is not too warm or forceful.

It is inspiring, as everything grows, I want to grow also – not in body but in spirit. I want to give shape to things, bring life to ideas and change.

And so this blog comes to life, also.

Yes, it will be perfume related (because there is not much else in my life than creating scents and Diablo II at this time) but it will be personal.

To get some news out of the way:

This year is in the spirit of photography, and namely amazing collaborations with Luna Torr Photography and Eris Raven. I will add a small gallery below for your enjoyment

The Runic collection has been retired, however I have reworked and bettered the 6 most popular scents and they will be returning VERY soon. The returning ritual perfumes will be: Sowulo, Pertho, Mannaz, Berkana, Laguz and Fehu. Most of them will retain their original feel and vibe, however the formulas will be changed or adjusted.

I am working on creating sample sets based on different main notes and vibes of each perfumes. I have released so far:

Bed of Moss - samples of earthy, herbal perfumes

Citrus Dream - samples of citrus based perfumes

Floral Saga - samples of flowery perfumes

Coming are: Fruitful Adventure (fruity perfumes but not citrus), Outer Warrior (mens perfumes, name pending) and planned are spicy, musky and sweet scents.

And now, behold the amazing photos of Eris by Luna:

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