This is how I want you to feel

The recent photoset by Luna has captured something I doubt she even realizes. And it is best portrayed in this photograph of Eris.

This is how I want you to feel, when you perfume yourself with one on my creations.

I want you to feel beautiful.

I want you to feel closer to nature, surrounded by it.

I want you to feel strong and confident.

I want you to feel closer to your roots and ancestry.

I want you to be you.

I want you to be free.

The perfume itself is just the silver (golden) lining.

All of those things I mentioned are already embedded deep in you, you are those things, even if you do not see them all the time.

You are beautiful.

You are close to nature, you are part of it.

You are strong, confident and sure about yourself.

You are your roots and you are your ancestry - all the different parts of it.

Your present and your future is however in your hands.

Because you are yourself. You are unique.

You are free.

The clothes we choose to wear, all the embellishments we put on, the masks and smiles and yes, the perfumes, are there to help us realize this, help us find our confidence, our roots and culture. They help us express our freedom and shape our future and exercise control over our own lives.

When I chose to do what I do now, this was at the back of my mind. The perfumes, which I to this day call ritual perfumes are vessels of change and self transformation. They are meant to be the fire that ignites our own personal, internal phoenixes.

I want you to wear them, and realize the power you hold. Feel the beauty you possess. Command your freedom and revel in your uniqueness and individuality.

Make me proud.

#innerbeauty #outerbeauty #motivation #naturalperfumes #nature #individuality

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