All the new and shiny things in June!

So, there has been a LOT of changes in the past two weeks!

• New shop

• Youtube

• Newsletter

• Scent guide / Reviews

• 10% discount for Etsy customers

• Custom perfume consultations

Find out more below!

I would like to summarize them briefly here, so that you do not happen to miss anything important:

While the Etsy shop is still up (and will be for the foreseeable future), I have opened a shop directly here on the website. Here you can shop by scent and each listing will let you choose the carrier base and size separately. I have also added some filters to help you choose, such as scent type or collection.

I have also launched a Youtube channel, where I exhibit my poor talking stills in connection with my knowledge of perfumes and witchcraft. Hopefully the talking will get better in time while the knowledge – yours and mine – grows also. I invite you to check it out, comment and tell me what you think, what else you want to talk about and I will do my best to accommodate all your wishes. It is just who I am:)

A new video should be up at the end of this week or on Monday.

I have added a subscribe button to the bottom of the contact page for an as of yet nonexistent newsletter, so feel free to subscribe, the chances of you receiving an email are VERY slim. All the more surprise when it actually happens.

I have updated the Scent guide with the latest scents and a section for you to leave your reviews, thoughts and comments to help others decide or choose. Honesty is as always appreciated the most.

Just a reminder to past Etsy customers from 2017, after your purchase, you should have received a thank you coupon to your email for 10% off. The coupon is valid on both Etsy and on the new website shop :) If you have missed it, check out your email or spam folder!

Also, there is a new booking link for my local lovely customers, where you can book a visit to either try on all the scents or have one of your very own made for you. If you want to visit or will be near, give it a try, earliest free spots are now in the middle of July!

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