My personal perfume stash and the importance of variety

Well, well, well, look at who hasn’t written a single thing for months now!

I would promise, that I will do better, but I never promise things I don’t know if I can keep.

But anyways…

Many of you ask me whether I wear my own creations and which ones. Fact is that as some point I have worn most of them, if only to test them out on skin. And for those curious which ones are the minority that I have not really tried and why – there is only a few, like Njörd, who is purely experimental, Vitki, who does not sit well with my chemistry and that is mostly it.

I do however play favorites with my scents and I do have quite a few perfumes for my personal use, which I absolutely adore. And yes, I also have one that is just for me and myself :)

So which ones are in my current stash you ask and why?

Skuld – To me personally, there is something so light, elegant and yet intricate and alluring in this scent. I wear it almost daily, when I want to feel feminine, yet mysterious and fresh at the same time.

Verdandi - This is my current second go to scent, it is much sweeter than Skuld and much warmer and inviting on my skin, so I wear it when I want to feel sensual and cozy at the same time

Hedonism – Although Hedonism is one of the older scents in my collections, it only recently found it’s way into my perfume shelf. In the recent cold weather it reminds me of summer and envelops me in warm sunshine.

Heresy – Heresy is my stuff for rituals and spiritual work. I rarely wear it in public, but when I do, it brings out the inner witch and occultist in me. Beware the evil eye ;)

Galdr – Girly, just girly. Playful, fresh, soft and gentle and one of my first choices for a date or going out in general.

Lökkr – Along with Galdr this is my fun and playful choice, but I go for Lökkr when I want something sweeter. Where Galdr is more for drinks and merriment, Lökkr is for candlelit dinners.

Völva – For when I mean business, yet still want to utilize all my female charms. Or when I want to feel absolutely magical.

Urd – For the hippie, nature going forest lover in me and for when I need inspiration for something new.

Vígja – Personally, as I still haven’t had time to really find a purpose for this one, it reminds me a little bit of a sweeter Skuld when on my skin, so I usually wear Vigja, when I want something less sharp.

Vaenn Saela – A playful everyday scent that I use to mix stuff up and sometimes wear it at home when chilling :]

My personal unnamed – all secrets huh :] But I love it layered with Skuld most recently.

and Hypnos – who used to be my number one and only for the first half of this year.

Historically, ones I still have but do not wear so much are:



And the point of this post?

Perfumes are a part of the wardrobe as well as a tool for personal presentation and development. I not only wear scents to feel nice and fragrant, but to bring forward different aspects of myself and my personality, when I need to.

And as much as I am a fan of having one signature scent, that will be yours and that will always remind your friends and acquaintances of you, I am as much an advocate for variation, because none of us has only a single facet to themselves.

And lastly, having some variety in your perfume arsenal will prevent your brain from mistaking your perfume for your natural body odor and therefore preventing you from smelling it. If it ever happened to you that after a while you stopped being able to smell your favorite perfume, this is the reason. After a while, your brain begins to think that this is how you naturally smell now and to prevent unnecessary sensory stimuli, stops you from noticing it.

It is a defense mechanism in a way that works for all sensory perceptions – after a while, everything that becomes “usual” and “normal” we stop noticing, so that we are better able to discern new and foreign scents, and sounds and pay attention to them as they happen.

But we wouldn’t want that to happen to something we pay our hard earned money for, now would we?

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