The Future

You know, I love planning.

I love figuring out what I want to do and then thinking of all the things that will get me to where I want to be. I get excited doing it, too. I have fun with it.

And it is not only thinking and planning I like to do. I thoroughly enjoy walking the path I have set for myself and seeing all the progresses I have made. And at night, when I go to bed, I visualize what the result will be like, what it will feel like reaching my destination and living the future.

I am also enthusiastic about sharing my plans with those that are interested. And so because my future plans do concern the perfumery, if you have found yourself reading this far, those are what you will find further on.


As of today, I have finished my plans to expand the studio during the winter holidays to not only include a separate perfume workshop for preparing online orders, but also to provide more comfort during custom perfume consultations and creations. And most importantly provide more room for further expansion of my perfume organ and essential oil collection, as my current space can hardly take one more bottle. Yet there is so much more to try. So much moaaaar!

The new workshop space will also have enough room for a lounger, that will for the first time give the ability to provide more in depth witchy-energywork-reiki sessions, chakra balancing, meditations, guided relaxations, etc. Although at this point I do not believe I will offer any medical treatments (in light of the final puzzle piece of the plan) in the foreseeable distant future, I firmly believe that many of our problems, be it physical or mental stem from stress, unhealthy thought patterns and general imbalance and I am quite confident that my experiences over the years can not only be thoroughly enjoyable, but also beneficial to self development, stress relief and overall well-being.

I also get quite a few requests for general spiritual / magical counseling, so that might also become a part of the offer.

Sometime over the course of the first half of next year, I will begin to offer a limited number test subject positions for discounted / almost free testing sessions to help me put together the best flow of these sessions and to receive feedback.

If you have had the opportunity to witness the perfume process yourself at a personal consultation, you may have noticed that working with natural plant essences can be and is a deeply therapeutic and cathartic process. I have had clients burst in uncontrolled giggles, or cry in nostalgia during these sessions and at the very least they are deeply relaxing to everyone involved. In many ways it is a process of self-discovery and introspection, which is something that I see as extremely important in any spiritual work, and so I believe all of this will be a nice complement to the perfumery.

Thus lastly...

I have firmly planted both my feet into the formal study of aromatherapy and I am hoping to earn a certification after the almost-2-year course is over. In the meanwhile, as my studies are progressing, I will be incorporating aromatherapy into the above mentioned sessions - not in any medical sense for the time being. Until I receive a formal certification, my aromatherapy will be used for relaxation, meditation and in the more herbalist, magical way as a supplement to the reiki and energy work. The reason is simple - I myself would not go for alternative medicine and medical aromatherapy to someone without a license and I wouldn't want anyone of you to do so either, even if it was me you were going to. That is why I chose a 2 year course in an institute instead of a weekend retreat.

So next year in TL:DR?

A bigger, prettier more comfortable studio for working with clients.

Sessions that will incorporate but will not be limited to:

Custom perfumes and blends as always


• Tarot / Card readings / Divination

• Energy work

• Chakra balancing / cleansing

• Meditations

Spiritual counseling

• Herbalism

• And in time aromatherapy

The cherry on the pie is, that most of my work as is, is done within the Norse tradition to a larger or smaller extent, and I am planning to keep the sessions in that spirit, where possible. Where chakras and reiki are innately oriental and eastern concepts, there are Northern equivalents for at least parts of these concepts.

And where there isn't an equivalent? There is the human body, which works the same regardless of culture and these systems serve only to help us understand. So I have no shame in filling the blanks with wisdom from other traditions.

I think the story of the Blind men and the Elephant says it quite nicely.

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